Sunday, December 14, 2003

rejoice? rejoice?

Just to get my two pennorth in of comment re Saddam's capture. I suppose you can best sum up my feelings on the subject as grim satisfaction. I am sure most Iraqis will probably be pretty pleased he's been brings an end to many uncertain months. I, for one, will most certainly not feel the euphoric pleasure in the circles of power in London and Washington. Where are the WMDs? Where are they? The reasons for the war have yet to be justified. Besides which, a tyrant may have been toppled, but the motives and execution of the war are still illegal, no matter which way it's painted. Then there are the American companies doing to Iraq what is little more than state-sanctioned plundering, an act in defiance of the Geneva Convention. If George Bush really believes in freedom and not money, he'd do best to get out ASAP, job done. As for Tony Blair: For Christ's Sake, just bloody resign, would you? Just go.

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