Thursday, December 11, 2003

money....the extreme lack thereof.

I am feeling utterly depressed. I don't have a single penny to my name, despite working like a dog for the last three years. What the Hell has gone wrong? I brought my family back to the UK in the hope of giving them a better life, and have struggled with debt and destitution ever since. I took out a loan a couple of years back in the vain hope that that would alleviate things, but it has been a vile, rotting albatross corpse round my neck. I face a festive season with no cheer, followed by the hounding of companies, baying for my money. I am on the brink of losing my house, my possessions and probably my family. What can I do? what the Hell can I do? I've been declined a consolidation loan by a few companies now....apparently, 'poor credit'. Well, that didn't stop them offering it to me before, did it? I've had to rely on credit cards just to get through the last few months, and just when it seemed that things were about to get brighter, wham! Another demand, then another and another. I can't seem to escape. If there is anyone out there, anyone, with advice or about fifteen thousand pounds to spare, please, please email me: Advice will be most deeply appreciated.

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