Sunday, April 06, 2003

well, whoopy-doo, we're all winning the war y' Hell, that oil's gonna be flowin an' Halliburton's gonna be makin' a grand profit....yee-fuckin-hah.
In one way, I'm glad that there appears to be a swift end to this sodding travesty - fewer deaths. In another, I'm scared - that psycopath Bush will be given legitamacy through force rather than votes. Ave Ceasar....Morituri te Salutant!
Well, at least there's one thing that the ol' Septics have got better at, and that's killing their own fucking side.
Message to U.S. high command: My neighbour's annoying the hell out of me. If I phone in and tell you there's an Iraqi tank in my neighbourhood, will you send round one of your nice tankbusters to blow the shit out of it? Actually, scrap that. You're more likely to hit me.........

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