Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The weird world of kid's tv

I enjoy watching kid's tv in the mornings with my son. It reminds me of my own childhood. However, I can't help noticing how weird the world of children's tv programming actually is. Let me take one example for now, as I will return to this topic. It's 'The Busy World of Richard Scarry'. Many have grown up with his books and the cartoon series. This cartoon - 'The bloody weird world of Richard Scarry' might be more appropriate. It contains the cast of the books, including Lowly, who happens to be a jolly, talking earthworm. Quite apart from the fact of having an earthworm as a central protagonist, it's this annelid's actions that are strange. Here's one scenario: Lowly is playing with his friends in a field, when he decides to climb a tree. He falls out of the tree. He writhes on the floor, crying 'Owww! My leg! I think it's broken!'. We cut to a scene in a hospital. Lowly is in a wheelchair.
1) Worms do not climb trees.
2) Worms do not have legs.
3) The requirement for wheelchairs in the dark world of the average annelid is, we can safely assume, zero.
Planet Earth to Richard Scarry: Please, man, get a grip. Please.
Coming soon: Critique of Roly Poly Fucking Olie, rainbow, Mr. Benn and other classics.

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