Thursday, April 10, 2003

Well, the war seems to be winding down somewhat. Now let's see what kind of peace appears.....
I was reading the letters column in 'the Guardian' earlier on. Many were commenting on yesterday's front page photo of the feet of thise killed in the previous day's bombing. As I read, one thought came to me: At least we can see, and witness these dead. What of all those under Saddam's regime, all those feet of the dead, that were never seen? Yes, we can mourn those who have died in this war. What of those who went unremarked?
I remain angry about this war, or, more precisely, the pretexts and plans of those that instigated it. I still think Bush is a psychopath. I still think Donald Rumsfeld is a deeply scary human being. I still think that the US administration is not only illegal, but ignorant, bullish and dangerous.

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