Sunday, April 13, 2003

An indiscriminate list of friends
OK, so I haven�t written for a while. Blame it on the fact that Wife and Child are away. Actually, I�ve had a wonderfully slobbish couple of days: No one shouting me into wakefulness. Anyway, here�s a totally indiscriminate list of friends, past and present, that I will undoubtedly need to update regularly, plus the reasons I like these people. For those who are past friends, I really would like to get back in contact with you.
1. Nur, my wife, my life, the darling star of my heart.
2. Angus, my son, for whom I would spend the last bitter drop of my blood defending: with Nur, he constitutes the constellation of my world.
3. Duncan Sheckley, my Bro�. Dunx I�ve always regarded as my brother, ever since we met while selling car number plates.
4. Martin Heslop. Martingo!! Martin is the most patient, kindly, and among the most kind-hearted people I�ve ever had the privilege to meet. He put up with the most extravagant of my rants and rages while we shared a flat in Istanbul. My Best Man at my wedding.
5. Lynne Sutton. The Doctor. Currently healing the sick of Sydney. What can I say? A great laugh, and looking a lot more Kylie!
6. Peter Boylan. Currently sitting in my DOS seat at Dilko English. Peter, when he came to The Big Stan, was like a large, 50-year-old kid let loose in a sweet shop. He�s become an asset and a necessity to his company.
7. Graham Elton. Grimbo. We�ve argued, often viciously, but I�ve always liked him for his sheer, simple, life-affirming energy.
8. Marc(us) Powles. Made me laugh. I especially loved his drunken rant at a female member of English Centre, �If you were a bloke, I�d kick yer fuckin� cunt in!�. Other than that, a serious, dedicated radical and a fine poet.
9. Jo Richardson. Friend from Uni days.
10. Julian Cook. I�ve known Julian for nearly 30 years. We�ve gone our separate ways now, but I still remember our torpid days in the White Horse.
11. Mike Groves. My current (acting) boss. A thoroughly sound chap. Anyone who can drunkenly decide to stagger into the After Dark club can�t be bad.
12. Pete Mitchell. Sweetie Meatie Peatie! Hehh heehh hehhh heehhh hEEEEHHHhhhh heeehhhhh
13. Lee Hill. At the moment, he has squirreled himself away to write his magnum opus, which will surely be as good as we
14. Johnno. A strange one, this, as I don�t think it�s reciprocated. My mirror image.
15. Kevin McGuinness. Bejayzus, a foine bloke, to be sure an� begorrah��.J
16. Guy Elders � A Sound Bloke.
17. Andrew Pardue � where are you?
18. Jason Browning. Last seen at Ataturk airport.
19. John McManus. Still Goth after all these years�..
20. Tackle, AKA Alan Blastland. Free Terry Mandela!
21. Matt 'n' Dave. I always think of Matty and Dave as a single entity for some reason. Dave has recently transformed himself
into some kind of 'Matrix' uberman. Matty remains the same.
22. Fiona Woof. Currently doing theatrical stuff.
More to be added�����

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