Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

It's on beautiful mornings such as this was that one has to praise God - mostly for Ibuprofen, vitamin pills and an English Breakfast. I woke with one of those sneaky bastard hangovers: That's the ones where you wake up, think 'Ha! I got away with it!', leap out of bed full of the joys of waking up without a hangover after having had lashings and lashings of booze the previous night, then sudden crumple up in a grey ashen heap as a screaming bastard behind the eyes suddenly assails you and tries to rip your stomach out via your oesophagus. One of those, anyway.

Today, I smoked 0 cigarettes, and drank 1 large G&T, 2 double rums and coke, 1 double Jack Daniels, one and half glasses of Bordeaux, and two glasses of Spanish Cava. I am, should I be able to keep this up to an entry per day, going to record my consumption, with the aim of driving it down.

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