Friday, January 05, 2007


That's just how today feels; A dead beat of time, no matter how much I might actually do during it. I can't even work up the energy for a decent rant.
Sean grows apace -he's begun the process of vocalisation, separating sounds into compartments of meaning. I can distinguish between sounds that mean 'I'm hungry', or 'hold me', or 'I'm bored', and there are the other sounds he makes as he stares intensely at me, where he's trying to convey something else I haven't learnt to fathom yet. And it is all interspersed with smiles, broad, gummy cheeky smiles, making his whole face radiant.

Last night, I had 3 cigs, most of a bottle of a decent chilled chardonnay, and a small measure of raki.

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