Monday, January 08, 2007

And the results are in...

Over the past week, I smoked 21 cigarettes, and drank 1 large G&T, 2 double rums and coke, 1 double Jack Daniels, one and half glasses of Bordeaux, and two glasses of Spanish Cava, nearly two bottles of St. Emilion, most of a bottle of a decent chilled chardonnay, a small measure of raki, one pint of cider, and most of a bottle of chardonnay, one bottle of white generic at 11.5% abv, plus a glass and a half of something else white, and roughly a bottle and a half of wine. In total, I have consumed, at a conservative estimate and assuming that the wine was 13% abv, 77 units of alcohol. Holy Fuckeroo. And I've been doing this to myself for years. It's not even as if I'm a wino; It's just something that I do, come home, make dinner, pour myself a wine, then another, and another.
Anyway, the aim of recording what I've been imbibing is to drive that figure down, and to do so publicly. I'm not ashamed - I rarely get raging drunk, and please don't think I'm permanently staggering round with a bright red nose. I suspect that in fact I'm fairly typical of my generation. Nor do I feel particularly unwell - far from it; Thanks to regularly exercising and cycling to and from work, I'm actually fitter than when I was in my twenties. It's just that it's time to break habits that will, iof left unchecked, potentially become health-threatening later in life.

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