Monday, January 22, 2007

A crab wandering on sand.

So, after a day of feeling really crap, I should be in bed, sleeping soundly, ready for the travails of another day; Yet I can't. Instead, here I am at nearly midnight, scratching an entry out onto the page and drinking red wine. And as I write, I'm puzzling what it is I'm trying to say, trying to exude onto the pristine white screen facing me, like a child faced with a virgin parchment of snow early in the morning, wanting to implant his first footsteps before all others, only to leave random bootsteps going first this way, then the other, directionless. The night, the house, are silent; The boys and Nur are abed, nuzzled in warmth and sleep; even the vixens in the stand of woods at the valley's lip are quiet, their yowling silenced by the cold.
What should I write? My frustrations at the everyday burden? My 'humble' opinions on this, that, and the other? By the way, whenever I hear someone begin with the words 'In my humble opinion..' I feel a need to punch the pompous fucker in the gob.Opinions are never humble. I could write of my readers, the strangely scattered number of you who read this. I check you out, you know. I look at the meter to the right of these entries, and it shows me a map of who has had a look, and I wonder why some posts seem to be more popular than others. Why is someone in China having a peek? Why is my diatribe against Rolie Polie FUCKING Olie so popular? Who is it that finds my discussion on the need to vote correctly in elections so interesting?
Here is a list of some ideas I'd like to write about on this blog. Whether I'll get round to it is anybody's guess.
  • Poverty - its various guises, not necessarily the lack of lucre
  • Ignorance - its relationship to poverty, and why they are both my enemies
  • Stupidity - let's face it, we're all guilty of this, but why?
  • A deterministic versus a relativistic universe - why the former is deeply scary, and the latter even scarier
  • creation myths - how they have been hijacked by idiots full of the top three discussion points on this list
  • why all faiths are at the mercy of fuckwits
  • booze - me keeping faith with the original ethos of this blog
  • why all politics, which, after all, is only another guise of faith, is at the mercy of ambitious fuckwits
  • my sons, my family, and all the other things that conspire to drive me completely bloody mad, love them though I do.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm - that's more like it..... definitely more interesting than the number of fags you've smoked in the day.