Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I enjoy a drink or five, as anyone who knows me may have noticed. While I'm not an alcoholic, I still tend to knock back far more than is good for me. On average, a bottle of wine a night. I did a few calculations, and worked out this:
75cl wine x 7 days = 525cl of wine per week;
525 x 13% abv (typical alcohol content of the wine I drink) = 6865, divided by 100, = 68.65 units of alcohol per week, nearly two and a half times the recommended weekly limit. In terms of a standard beer, that's 34.32 pints over a week, or 1784.64 pints of beer a year, or 223.08 gallons of beer a year.
That's a bit scary.
That's why I want to write down what I drink on this blog - a public testament, and a way to cut down on the booze.
It's time I showed some mercy to my liver.

edit: I smoked 2 cigs and drank a bottle of St. Emilion.

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