Friday, November 07, 2003

mmmnnnnnaargh. bad sinus headache. we're halfway through our OFSTED inspection, and everyone is half dead from stress. I am severely in need of a good drink or seven.

I was the object of possibly the most misdirected piece of racist abuse ever the other day. I was going home on the bus, chatting with a couple of people in Turkish, when this snotty little fourteen year old sidled down from the top deck, sniggering. He pressed the bell, then, just before getting off, turned to us and said, 'you fuckin black bastards. why don't you fuck off home to your fucking trees, you bunch of coons?'. Honestly, those were his precise words. Hell, I'm whiter than he was. I gave the little cunt a mouthful of invective back, but shit, was I angry. I still am. Just because I was using a different language....what the fuck are such little pricks taught?

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