Monday, November 24, 2003


I resolutely felt like staying in bed this morning, and not coming to work.....a sure sign I must move on.

It has been pissing down all weekend. Apparently, we've had more rain in the last forty-eight hours than for the whole summer. Well, it's good for the garden, I suppose...

I went to Gilly's birthday party on Saturday night. She's a teacher-cum-opera singer with a mane of wild hair. The party was supposed to have a Robert Palmer theme, which was my fault. She'd been thinking of ways on livening it up when I drunkenly blurted out the idea in the pub. And did anyone come dressed in dodgy haircut and jacket with the arms rolled up, or with hair slicked back, bright lipstick and microscopic black dress? Did they fuck. Instead, we all lolled around in her kitchen diner, drinking too much. Which was fun.

Just added Ugur Akinci's blog on the side bar. It looks pretty interesting.

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