Thursday, November 27, 2003

cheating bastards!

on a different note....I've been reading more of these crappy blogs by spoilt little Singaporean rich kidz who think they're sooo cool. In particular, two caught my eye: the little fuckers are preparing for some kind of English Lit exam, and were proudly boasting about how they were trawling the 'net for some essays so they could cheat their way through. Tosspots. I've had to deal with a few similar cases at the college, where Chinese students in this case thought they could just cut 'n' paste someone else's essay work and pass it off for their own. Hey you rich Singaporean Kidz! some advice!
1. we teachers have a special device for essay checking. It's called 'google'. all we do is tap in a randomly chosen sentence from the essay, and if it turns up, bingo! we have your balls on a plate!
2. If you ever, ever appear in one of my classes and try that kind of stunt with me, I will unilaterally declare independence in whichever classroom I happen to be in, in which, as chief executive, I shall declare torture legal, and introduce you to the terror that only a rolled-up cheated essay can inflict.

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