Thursday, October 16, 2003

Only another four hours to go before I cycle home. I missed the action at the college this morning: Apparently, two gangs of Asians squared up to each other outside the main gates and all Hell broke loose. A few people ended up in hospital with hammer wounds. Honestly, what is the fucking point? I hate the gang mentality: The commonwealth of the lowest denominator. Groups of people who are metaphorically dragging their knuckles in the dust.

Nur started her ESOL course yesterday evening: I don't think she was entirely impressed by it. However, she came home and talked solidly for an hour about it, non-stop. She also had the cheek to be offended by the fact that I hadn't cooked anything for her. This is the person who, over all the years I have done evening classes, has never, not once, even bothered to put something in the microwave for me.

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