Monday, October 06, 2003

Ahhh, a new week! I cycled through the grim and forbidding rear gates of work today, looked up at the creaky fifties brickwork, and thought 'Oh, bugger this. I must find another job!' I look around at some of the sad, downtrodden faces of people who've been working here for years and get a terrible premonition of myself: Balding, overweight, miserable and old.........ewww!
I had a nasty bout of existential angst on saturday. In Tesco's. By the frozen food section. I just began thinking, like, what's the bloody point? All I do is work, spend the money, work etc.etc. I don't live.
We had guests around yesterday. I sweated over making a load of food (Mucver [courgette patties], haydari, green beans in tomato,garlic and olive oil, chicken in a carignan, thyme and mushroom sauce, rice), they came in a whirlwind and departed almost as fast. Pleasant as they were, it all felt a little disappointing, as if they'd all come to a restaurant.

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