Thursday, October 02, 2003

feel strangely dopey today, not in the mood to do anything.......I've got a class at 7 - the advanced group, all 6 of them. woo-hoo. My feeling of ennui is gradually increasing as the tenth anniversary of my first ever EFL lesson approaches. Fuck it. Fuck it all.
We were given new mousemats at work today. They are plastered in slogans, like 'Valuing the individual', 'Innovation and responsiveness', 'working together and with partners'(huh?), 'Avoiding properly constructed sentences', 'strength through joy', 'ein reich, ein volk, ein fuhrer'. Ok, I made the last three up. I had an image of our Glorious Leader, shouting out these meaningless phrases in his office while wearing a Benito Mussolini uniform and gesticulating wildly. Only desperate fuckwits need to plaster this kind of meaningless, pseudo-dynamic drivel everywhere. We also have post-its with more of the same shit.

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