Thursday, April 26, 2007

what's got 12 heads, 48 limbs and dozens of opinions?

...a Jury.
Bah. I've been called up for jury service. Again. I last did it 14 years ago, just after having done my TEFL certificate: Now they want me once more.
I'm annoyed because a) I've been summoned for our busy exam period and b) I'll lose roughly £500 in wages. Although compensation is given for loss of earnings, it's capped at just over £50 a day.
This is not something I can afford to do right now.
Also, my experience of being on a jury is of it being bloody boring, and having to share a room with people whose opinions are somewhere to the right of the BNP, or who only just evolved from amoebas.
Still, I may be proved wrong: I might have a pleasant time indeed.

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