Monday, April 02, 2007

If your field don't yield, get up and hoe it.

Monday, and no students, seeing as it's the beginning of the Easter break. Now's the time to catch up on errant marking, create lists of students for the marathon of exams in the summer, get all my photocopies done for the next term, and put all the mountain of paperwork on my desk to the torch. One other thing is that it's blissfully quiet in the office -there's only me and another colleague, Ruth, here.
Also, of course, the absence of people demanding a slice of my time means I have an opportunity to write something here. I was listening to this song the other day, and reflecting how hard it is to create, to write, and to do all the things I enjoy, or rather enjoyed - My time being so taken up by other demands, or so it seems. And the song spoke to me, of how I feel about creating, or writing, or studying, and how so often I passively wait for things to come along.
Well, I don't want to be that any more. It's to do with being fulfilled as a person, of doing the Three Peaks in my head, as it were. What has always been a problem for me is a personal reluctance to take a step along a single path - I've always been afraid that by doing so, I will somehow cut myself off from other experiences, other adventures. But by staying as I am, I am cutting myself off from all those possible experiences.
So, it's time to move forward. But to what? Well, first of all, there's the small matter of my Diploma in TESOL. I have been genuinely busy over these past two years, but now I want to get the bloody thing out of the way.
Next, The Booze Rule. I have reflected on how much I have sunk over the past twenty-two years, and the reasons why. It started as a way out of my extreme reticence, and to cope with social situations. The trouble is, I have let it slip into a bad habit. As you can see from previous posts this year, I have made efforts to address this, with varying degrees of success week by week. The general principle is: No Booze during the week, unless in a social situation; Eat something when Boozing; And there is no requirement to finish a bottle of wine once it has been opened.
What else? Obviously (to me, anyway) my writing. I enjoy the process of making words appear on the page, pulled from some recess of my mind, so why don't I do it on a more regular basis?
There are other things, but I will enumerate them later, as someone's just come in with firewood and accelerant so I can deal with my paperwork.

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