Thursday, June 29, 2006

squawk squawk! Flap flap!..'s re-enrolment day. Well, for our ESOL students anyway, and in fact it's not such a bad idea: we sort out if they want to (or should) return, start filling in the forms, then book a time for them to return in september to complete the whole sorry affair. But, for the love of God, some people don't half make a meal of it - meaning the teachers. half of them are running round like it's the most stressful thing they've ever had to do in their lives. I've bagged the easy job of booking students onto the system.
Anyway, I'm increasingly kicking my heels at present, work-wise. I've more or less finished everything I need to do for the coming year, apart from up-and-coming stuff that I have to wait to come to me. The training for the 3 peaks comes along in fits and starts, but mostly straightforward. I've increased my cycling output to at least 10 miles a day, coupled with walking with a pack. Apart from yesterday, when there was the Academic English award ceremony and lunch, and I got slowly sozzled over the course of the afternoon and evening.

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