Thursday, June 08, 2006

I wish I was a punk rocker...

....with green gob in my hair.
It's fairly obvious Sandi Thom hasn't a clue about what punk was; a visceral, energetic, angry experience, not initially politically motivated whatsoever. She seems to have this notion that they were fierce, yet compassionate, revolutionaries - or at least that's the gist of her bloody song. Now it would be amusing to take her back to Brixton, 1976, dressed in her notion of a punk rocker, accompanied by flowers in her hair.....
Sandi: Hey guys, look at me! I am a punk rocker! With flowers in my hair!
Everyone else: Kill the fucking hippy!
upon which they would render her flowers unto the floor, gob in her hair, and pogo on her head to friggin' in the rigging.

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Anonymous said...

tes i agree with you i think everything about that song is bad... for a start it isn't even a rock song. She's just trying to look cool but come on, i think she just ruined her chances!!