Monday, June 19, 2006

the Joy of Paperwork.

..and the joy of no classes for three months. Well, the final exams were on saturday, and my lessons are all done until September 11th; just a few months of clearing my desk, getting stuff ready, and lazing on holiday to come. I've had a pretty good weekend, all told, although I'm still chugging too many beers than are good for me. And now there are only 19 days to go until I do the Three Peaks.
Friday, after the listening exams, was spent clearing up my desk and putting in the recycling bin important paperwork that should have been done months ago. Well, they were apparently important at the time; many things lose significance if left long enough. In the evening, to RISC for the end of term Ceilidh. lots of students there, and v. enjoyable, though I had a couple of organic ciders too many.
Saturday, and I went into work early to set up the Orals. All straightforward, despite a thumping head. I got the first nervous students through, and it was good to see smiling faces afterwards. Spent afternoon either in the garden or watching that vicious match between Italy and the US, chugging beer.
I was up early again on sunday, and went for a short yomp over what pass for hills in my neck of the woods. After that, a morning of cleaning up and getting stuff ready for a father's day barbie, to which mum, dad and sis came. And again, too much booze. Hey Ho.

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