Tuesday, July 22, 2003

My last day at college for a week and a half. Oh yes.
Had some good news about one of my classes yesterday. A group of studes I'd entered into the PET exam all passed, five of them with merits! Now, PET isn't the hardest English exam in the world, but it gave me a warm glow to get a whole group through. Now I just need to wait and see how my CAE and IFP groups go........can I get a 100% pass rate this year? Let's see.

I'm not feeling terribly active today - actually, there's not a huge amount for me to do before I hand over the summer school activities to another teacher. That's nice. Looks like I'll just have to lounge around here till the evening, then go home and get drunk or something. Or look round for a new job. I was at a ball on saturday evening: My wife's company bash. I was sat next to a woman who does corporate training - like teaching, but miles easier. I found out how much she's on - five hundred quid a day. Five bloody hundred sodding quid! A bloody day! that means she earns what I do in two months! Cow.

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