Thursday, May 08, 2003

Oh, the joy of marking exams.....I can't be arsed doing this job any more, I really can't. I have now been an EFL teacher for ten years (tenth anniversary in August to be exact) and I am utterly tired of pulling the same rabbits from the same hat to the same gawping faces. Don't get me wrong, I like my students...mostly. I'm tired of the job, that's all. Also, I'm actually being paid less in real terms than I was earning four years ago, and then I was in a developing country with a crippled economy! The question is, what else can I do? I'm a teacher, so I have good person and time management skills, I need to keep to deadlines with things like classes, producing results, marking exams etc....I'm fluent in Turkish, can understand quite a bit of most Turkic dialects and languages, schoolboy at French, but I can analyse pretty much any language...Actually, I'm fairly confident that I could master most tongues that could be thrown at me.......I've been DOS of a large school, handling the needs of 2000 students and 30 fractious, highly intelligent English teachers, plus dealing with the little things that happen at a language school, like alcoholism, drug dependency, madness and suicide (and, no, I really am not joking here...)......I have excellent literacy skills, proofreading abilities.....I'm a good actor, and I have a damn good voice..................c'mon, there's got to be a job out there for me!

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