Sunday, May 18, 2003

Dear friends far and near,
Please enjoy a taste of the sanctimonious kitschy bollocks I sometimes get sent......
This is from someone called Tasha, from a site called heartwings.
Dear Friends Near and Far,

Heartwings says, "From moment to moment the pleasure of the present moment may change, yet it always remains joyous to the heart."

The subject of this week's Newsletter is Transformation

Spring clothes the outdoors with beauty. The miracle of transformation that brings us from bare branches to the tender colors of emerging leaves takes my breath away and brings joy to my heart. The older I become, the more poignant Spring seems to me to be.

My neighbor was working in her garden. On this lovely Spring day, as I crossed the lawn to speak with her, I was caught in a rain of apple blossom petals. A light breeze sprinkled both me and the grass with pink abandon. I felt both sad and happy at the same time. Even as I admired them, I regretted the fallen petals.

If only it were possible to halt their diffusion, to keep them on the tree. Yet there is no fruit without the sacrifice of the petals. In order for something to be born, something else must die. The blossoms that drift across the landscape are tomorrow's fruit. The green leaves that clothe the branches now are next Spring's compost. Spring must be enjoyed in the moment, for it cannot be captured or prolonged.

This day reminds me to embrace the present moment in all its beauty. It also whispers that whatever I lose as the moment passes will be replaced by something as fine if not finer. I am comforted by the thought that while the blossoms of Spring perfume the air, as they become applesauce, the apples of Fall will fill my home with another fine scent.

May you enjoy the blossoming landscape and find pleasure in each present moment of the Spring.

Blessings and Best Regards, Tasha Halpert

Hmmmmmmmmm.........pass the sick bucket, someone. Pleeeeaaseeeeee.

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