Friday, May 09, 2003

I must, I must, I must improve my blog.......or rather, I should write more. In an idle moment or ten, I browsed other blogs here, and felt strangely heartened by all the teenagers scribbling their hearts out. All the 'life is wonderful, I watched a tree full of rain and nearly cried for joy' stuff, all the ' I hate xxx. I love xxx. I will die' stuff, all the 'I am a great poet, just noone knows yet' stuff.....just goes to show, we all go through it. Hey kids, here's a tip I wish I'd learned sooner: everyone is afraid, even the shiny-toothed Beautiful Ones - all you need to do is work out exactly what it is that they're afraid of. then you'll have the buggers over a barrel and the world will start to make more sense. That, or have a doctor regularly drain you of excess hormones.

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