Monday, May 19, 2003

I'm feeling depressed. I've been browsing through the jobs section today, looking for something new. All of them seem to want either someone younger than me, or someone with slightly more experience than me. I AM STUCK. I had a complete fuck up of a lesson this afternoon. I was doing some work with process writing with my Academic English crew, and I had the bright idea of using the Honda 'cog' ad - you know, bits of car banging against other bits in wonderful sychrony - as I thought it would make for a good bit of writing about processes - how the ad works, how the ad was made etc. Proudly clutching my DVD plus equipment, I go into class, plonk it on, and voila - nothing. The bloody machinery is on the blink. An hour of cursing and kicking ensued. visits to the IT dept and the library finally found me grabbing hold of a DVD player, which sullenly refused to work until I had threatened to pour treacle over its circuit board. And did my students appreciate all this? Did they fuck.........That's why I need a new bloody job. I have now taught at every level of EFL and pretty much every variety of course: standard classes, housewives' specials, academic stuff, exam bloody practice, Polish workmen, every bloody thing. I need a new challenge!!!!! I'M BORED!!

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