Monday, September 29, 2008

six or seven degrees of separation?

By how far are we divorced from ourselves? What is the distance between the person we show ourselves to be, and the very core of our souls? How many steps does it take to step out, walk the paths of other people's lives and return to us?
Sorry, I came over all philosophical there. In fact, I'm just going to try a little blog game. You've probably all heard of the idea that we are only separated from any other person by six degrees of separation - you want to find someone, you talk to a friend, then a friend of a friend, that that person's friend, then their friend, then their friend, and a friend after that, and voila, the person whom you seek - but how many steps does it take to get back to oneself? To be exact, how many blogs would I have to go through before finding a link back to this site? And what kind of blogs would I pass through on the journey? Let's see how many I have to go through. There's a single rule: I can't return via the first blog I link to.

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