Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Bloggone. (sorry, bad pun)

I'm sorry to see that (not for the first time, it must be said) Marcus has deleted his blog. I've been a consistent reader of it for quite some time, and I've often thought about how I would like to write posts that reflect what he was thinking and writing, but I've not had the time whatsoever to marshal my thoughts and write anything cogent, something that I think is a real shame. He's stopped writing it, or so it seems, because of some kind soul describing it as car crash reading. That's simply not true; it has made good reading throughout. There are certain things he has said that I disagree with - in particular, what he says about Islam, but I understand why he says it - but even so, his awareness of travelling along an important life route, and his sharing of that process, has always made enlightening reading.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you Paul. You are very kind. And please, don't stop blogging yourself. Your posts may be infrequent - but they are always great reading.

All the best,