Friday, June 15, 2007


It's friday, there aren't many people in at work, so it's time for a blog entry. It's been a week that has seen me slowly unwind from being very stressed out over the whole bloody business of exams. We've almost finished with them now, and got the extra fillip of some extremely good results from the Speaking and Listening exams - out of 129 people, only 4 failed. I have just some oral exams to attend tomorrow, then I'm done, and off for jury service. And then, once all the crap is out of the way, and I've put all the paperwork on my desk to the torch, I can try and get on with doing my Dip. TESOL. again.
One problem I have, and one I've mentioned before on this blog, is my inertia when it comes to starting to do something, or when something I've been working on, for whatever reason, grinds to a halt. And this has been a recurring problem with this. In a way, I need someone, whether it be a supervisory figure or a competitor, to spur me on. At the same time, it really bugs me having someone standing over my shoulder, checking up on what I'm doing. I feel that it stops me expressing what's really in my mind, somehow.

Mobile phone covers: I saw one of our Chinese students shouting into her mobile yesterday. Her phone cover was in the form of some kind of cuddly, furry pink dog. Unfortunately, it gave the impression that she was yelling into its bum.

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