Wednesday, June 20, 2007

more jury service, more time..

the case drones on. The air-conditioned atmosphere of court cannot hide the dull mildew fug of legal books, the soporific exactitude of legal argument, the sense of a drama played out underwater: so far, I've almost fallen asleep three times. The case is not the most exciting in the world, and will, I daresay, warrant no more than a paragraph in the pages of the local newspaper. I've been playing a variation of Bullshit Bingo to try and keep myself focused. For those who don't know it, Bullshit Bingo is a way to enliven the dullest of meetings. Make a grid of nine squares, and fill each square with a set of buzzwords appropriate to the situation; For example, a management meeting may consist of phrases such as 'cascade down', 'imagineering', 'downsize' etc etc. When you hear the phrase being used, you cross it off the list. It's much more fun when you're competing with someone else, espaecially if the someone else beats you, forgets where they are, and stands up, yelling 'house!'
As I said in my previous post, legal reasons prevent me relating what's going on, but believe me, it is bloody tedious. Not quite as turgid as my first experience of jury service, but still yawnsome.
I did manage to pass some of the day imagining myself on this day ten years ago. I woke up early, then: I had a mild headache and a dry mouth, partly due to what I had drunk the night before, partly out of nervous anticipation of what was to come that day. I made myself a decent breakfast of fresh bread, black olives, feta cheese, large ripe tomatoes, egg, honey and jam, washed down with orange juice and black coffee, and had the lot on the balcony of the tiny flat I'd moved into the day before, completely naked. Then, I carefully laid out my new suit, shirt and cravat on the bed, and went into the bathroom. I looked myself fiercely in the eye and made sure I was certain, then having ascertained I was, I diligently, carefully and leisurely stroked a razor across my face, leaving my skin fresh and smooth beneath the palp. I showered, taking my time; Then, equally leisurely, towelled myself down, enjoying the simple sensual enjoyment of feeling my own body beneath my own hands, and wondering whether it would be any different by the end of the day.
After I got dressed in my finery, I finished off my hair, left the building, and went off to an urgent appointment. I found my urgent appointment in the hairdressers, having her makeup finished off, and looking lovely in her wedding dress.
And how the hell ten years has passed from then to here, I haven't a clue.
Happy anniversary!

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