Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Meanwhile, on the other channel...

Farewell from this blog.
The Joy of Raki has now become a teenager, and therefore unruly, unreliable, prone to sulk and liable to stomp off to its own room, slam the door and write bad poetry. It also vigorously believes that You Don't Understand Me And You'll Never Feel Like I Feel, Ever. And, like the father of a teenager, I am torn between allowing it its independence, locking it in its room forever, or just strangling the bugger.
I'll leave that one to your imagination.
However, all is not yet over in the writing stakes - I have two new blogs to follow:
The Nth Columnist, which is all the political and weird stuff, and
Chien Anadolu, which is all the Turkish, er, political and weird stuff.
I hope that you'll find them as entertaining, or barely tolerable, as my output here.
See you on the other side!

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