Friday, March 18, 2011

once again...

...apologies for not writing. It has been an exceptionally fraught and difficult time these past few weeks. I can't go into too much detail about some of it right now: I will in a couple of weeks. Instead, I'll just mention two things that are occupying my time right now.
1) I'm finally, after many years in my job, on a DELTA course. Previously I've either not had the money or the circumstance to do it. I'm pleased on one hand - on the other, there's a distinct possibility my job may disappear in the next few months, which would render having the qualification somewhat superfluous.
2) I've just registered to do the London-Paris Cycle ride in August with Macmillan, and I'm in training for that. I'll be posting a link to a site very shortly: I need to raise at least £1400, so any and all donations will be welcome.
In the meantime, I'm knackered and off to bed.

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