Thursday, July 02, 2009

wine and computers - just say no.

Buggeration. My netbook (an Advent 4211) decided to have a drink last saturday - a nice refreshing glass of red wine. While I managed to turn it upside down fast enough - well, you don't want good wine to go to waste - the keyboard's buggered, so now I'm writing using a cheap old USB keyboard. So far, the only replacement I've managed to find costs £32, for a component that probably costs only a fiver. And I can't find the receipt for the computer, so I can't get anything done under warranty. Bugger.

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Sara said...

yes indeed WINE AND COMPUTERS... just say NO
I took this to be the title of a more hard line article
GOod Idea to say NO to all alcohol. Period.
How else can we develop ourselves.. ... in any seriousness!>!>
Speaking as an ex-excessive boozer - and wine connoisseur!!! - I know see the truth that
our poor minds just cant cope with all the confusion and delusion caused by boozing ... and
Just Saying no is easy when we see the benfits of cdeveloping clarity and skilfulness in all our life!

As for computers - they can be like a drug too - internet.mania!!! Im working with that one too!

take care.... always!