Sunday, May 25, 2008

For want of posting something better..

Aw, bugger it, this blog has lost its direction recently, mainly because of a tremendous sense of weariness on my behalf. I actually feel totally physically knackered, and have done for the best part of this year. This is, as far as I can work out, mainly the fault of work, which seems to be getting in the way of everything else right now, but also there is this tremendous reticence to write within me, an invisible wall built for no reason, having no purpose, and leading to no output from me.
Anyway, let me get writing rather than talking about writing. Eurovision, for want of anything better. This is usually a sodding farrago, but this year has clearly beaten anything yet. The vote went to Russia simply because so many countries were afraid of having their gas supplies cut off. Well, that's what it looked like. As Sir Terry of Wogan said, it's nothing to do with music anymore. I disagree with the last word of the latter sentence. Since when has the Eurovision ever been to do with good music?
However, this year has shown it in all its grim glory: a popularity contest. This is meant to be a celebration of belonging. Instead, it's a tawdry playground game of my gang's better than your gang. And, stupid as it may seem, it tells a lot about what the European Project is, and how it may turn out. In some ways, it's a good thing - we're seeing a gradual readjustment between the rich western European countries and the neophyte members of the continental club. It's a bit unfair for the big, rich countires to start whinging about how they aren't winning the competition anymore. Come on, let's share the cost of hosting the bloody thing around a bit.
On the other hand, it has become colossally tiresome to watch the same old voting blocs: All the Scandinavians vote douze points for each other, Greece gives Cyprus 12, Cyprus arse-licks right back, etc, etc. There needs to be some kind of change to the system, though what, I haven't a clue.
As for the UK complaining about not coming anywhere near winning over the past decade: Which language is used? What muscial format do most countries use? Don't worry, the Anglo-Celtic Cultural Hegemony, even if we get next to nul points for our acts, is still dominant across Europe.

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