Monday, April 21, 2008


This evening's meal was mainly a freezer clearout, and involved stuff you just shove in the oven then shove in your mouth. However, I felt a hankering for cilbir, so I made that too, and realised how much I missed it. I've posted something about it on here before ages ago, but it's worth a repeat mention, because it's so ridiculously simple but so bloody delicious. The first time I heard of it, I thought it would be utterly bloody disgusting, then I tried it. Trust me, if you make this, you'll get hooked. And it's perfect with raki - or a dry white wine, or a well matured and chilled fino.
Cilbir, aka eggs in yoghurt
you will need:
mint and/or dill
flakes of crushed chilli.
total time: 5 minutes - 15 minutes, depending on your eggs
first of all, decide what you want to do with your eggs. for this dish, they should, traditionally speaking, be poached, but I think it's far better when scrambled. If you go for the latter, fry the eggs in butter and a bit of sunflower oil.
Crush garlic, and either chop up or crush with a mortar and pestle. take your yoghurt (Turkish or Greek style, but not strained yoghurt - you need to be able to smooth this over, or pour, over the eggs), put it in a bowl, mix with the garlic. make sure your eggs are cooked. put on a service dish. pour yoghurt over the top. garnish with mint and/or dill, and flakes of chilli.
that's it! Eat with big chunks of fresh crusty bread.

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Tutkinjsh said...

you are a fascinating man! now when my foreign friends ask me about turkish food, i ll link your blog!