Thursday, March 20, 2008


..and chocolate and bunnies. Yum. I was discussing it rather flippantly with a colleague the other day, and wondered why we didn't have any lo-calorie chocolate Jesuses. They'd go down a treat. And what about a Jesus Pinata? All the kids could dress up as roman soldiers and poke it with spears.
Yes, I know, deeply sick.


sattvicwarrior said...

now THAT is COOL!!!!!!!!!!!
a JESUS PINATA!!!!!!!!!
actually BRILLINT on you part.
but [ when people SUFFER] they want it in the privacy of their own pathetic existence. [ which has NOTHING to do with the greatness of CHRIST.
now HOW selfish is THAT ???????
BRILLIANT POST on your part. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a Jesus piƱata
GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! absolute GENIUS

sattvicwarrior said...

There is NOTHING sick about a LO- CAL JESUS!!. its good for ones aura!!!