Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Uh? Where did that go?

..the past year, that is. Sean is one year old tomorrow. Time really has flown. I read in a report in, I think, the Guardian, that the reason that time seems to speed up as we grow older is a) because each day is an increasingly lesser portion of the time we have spent alive and b) we simply don't have as much sensory input as we age, mainly because we are used to and increasingly inured to our environments, but also because of the myterious hormonal creakings of the chemical lab we call our brains. One report even suggests that, by the time we hit 40, we have actually experienced 71% of our lives in terms of new input. This would suggest that, at 39 and two thirds, I am already not just past it but might as well jump in a grave now and have done with the whole thing.
Well, as Oscar Wilde might have said on a bad day, bugger that. I'm not ready to slip into a pair of slippers and dribble into a bowl of porridge just yet. Anyway, I fully intend to enjoy tomorrow.

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