Thursday, September 20, 2007

Things that piss me off - a random list.

  1. Drivers, especially of Audis, who try to kill me on a regular basis.
  2. Being asked to do things because someone else can't be arsed, and because I'm seen as an easy touch.
  3. A certain colleague who asks me, ALMOST EVERY TIME I SEE HIM, how to set up his webmail and printers on the computer he happens to be using at the time - and then he never listens to me.
  4. bar using a credit card, having no money even for a loaf of bread.
  5. earning amateur wages for a professional job.
  6. having my boss use me, and use other team members, to prop up a system that is failing from overwork.
  7. nearly suffering a complete meltdown of my physical health because of the stress of work.
  8. nearly being killed by idiots in Audis. Oh, I already mentioned that. worth repeating, though.
  9. being in debt since God knows when.
  10. not being able to afford new clothes for my children, for my wife, for me.
  11. not being able to afford to go to a dentist.
  12. Having to count out every single penny before even considering spending.
  13. feeling utterly isolated at work.
fuck it all. This is a world that craves that stupidest of things, money, and confuses consumption with happiness.

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