Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year!

A happy New Year (and Eid)to one and all. I haven't, as you might just have noticed, been blogging to much recently; This is due to a combination of too much work, too much booze and too much baby. However, I intend to rectify this. Since it's the time for good intentions, I'm going to share a few of mine with you. One part of writing on this more is to keep abreast of what I'm doing with them.
1. Stop smoking - yeah, yeah, cliche and all, but I need to do it for me. I stopped before, I can do it again.
2. Cut down on the booze intake: I will try not to drink unless in company. Then I'll get ratarsed.
3. Write more - not just on this blog, but in general. I have some serious editing of work to do, then I will find a publisher.
4. Climb some more mountains - and make my wife and sons climb some too.
5. Make more money somehow - not so much an intention as a need. With only my income coming in at present, we're only just keeping our heads afloat, and I am UTTERLY sick of having to count every bloody penny.
Next is to work out each step involved in making these intentions reality.

And what about this past year? Two highlights - the birth of Sean and completing the 3 peaks. At work, successfully negotiating and organising the exams for the entire department, and posting the best exam results I've had yet.

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