Sunday, September 24, 2006


The students have returned, dragging knuckles and viruses in their wake, plus the peculiar odour of stale biscuits, BO, and neglected body that only teenage British bodies have. Of course, everyone's started to go off work ill. I have contracted the first cold of the year - actually, I'm glad in a perverse way, as it means I'll be unlikely to contract another for at least a few months.


sattvicwarrior said...

VERY POETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WONDERFUL...............
thanks for sharing

Jimmy said...

Hi you! a very lively and accurate snapshot of Istanbul, most enjoyable....most concerned had the times of their lives and Kevin has more talent in his morning think than most people in their entire middle age. You never can tell You'd be surprised look at me now. Believers nearly had me join a mental group of recidivist drinkers...AA !
Check this under people....!! I truely got my training from Sinan Bey.


Irish Jimmy (who was right about the dirty little sectarian war the British ran in Northern Ireland....Turkey set me free to speak.

your blog was great, so true and accurate. Well observed.