Sunday, September 14, 2003

Dear God in Heaven,
Thank Christ I've managed to attract the attention of all the God botherers by my cunning use of the first sentence, and advertising it on google et al. I'm working on an article I'm going to post here, titled 'the fifth crusade', through which we're living right now folks! If you are easily offended by a portrayal of George W as a red-assed baboon, please continue to read this blog. you need to be converted. If you wish to remain a redneck, non-redneck lynching, hogeating, wifebeating,childmolesting sack of wank, please go, fuck off and die.
Apparently, Georgie boy's coming to London Town. hee hee hee hee. Boy, do we have a surprise for the fucker. I ahte to spoil it, but I suggest he reads up on the treatment the average briton has been doling out to David Blaine over the past week or so.......just imagine what's in store for the chimp-in-chief.......

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